[Blog post] A rotavirus outbreak hits close to home

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    Dr. Duncan Steele
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    Senior Advisor on Diarrheal Disease at PATH

In 2008, PATH was thrilled to welcome Dr. Duncan Steele as our senior advisor on diarrheal disease. For three decades, he has tracked rotavirus in Africa and is recognized worldwide as a leading expert. A recent outbreak, potentially due to rotavirus, hit particularly close to home, and we sat down with Duncan for a personal and professional perspective.


Describe the years you spent in Kwe Kwe.

[News & Event] We started! The first child in Sudan to receive a rotavirus vaccine

Blog 4 Global Health, August 2011

Dr. Amani Abdelmoniem Mustafa, manager of the Expanded Programme on Immunization for Sudan, gives a first hand account of the first child to receive a rotavirus vaccine in Sudan.

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[Page] Vaccination

Why is diarrhea still a leading killer of children worldwide, and what can be done about it? Fortunately, many great minds have put this question under the microscope.

[Data] Childhood diarrhea deaths after rotavirus vaccination in Mexico

New England Journal of Medicine, August 2011

A three year study in Mexico shows that the rotavirus vaccine that was introduced three years ago has effectively reduced diarrhea-related mortalty, addressing any remaining doubts about the vaccine's efficacy.

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[News & Event] Infant vaccination for rotavirus protects adults

CBC News, August 2011

Vaccinating infants against rotavirus can also prevent serious diseases in unvaccinated older children and adults, a new study in The Journal of Infectious Diseases says.

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[Blog post] Join up, Scale up, Save lives

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    Hope Randall
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    Communications Associate, PATH

Call it what you will: joining up or combining interventions, integration or disaggregation. Whatever you call it, it is essential to achieving the Millennium Development Goals and to alleviating poverty and disease.

[Blog post] Quiet hopefulness and hard work: Rotavirus vaccines finally will reach across Africa – a time to reflect

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    Dr. Duncan Steele
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It is with a quiet sense of hopefulness and excitement that I look ahead to the next couple of years as we hear about the growing impetus of African countries preparing to introduce rotavirus vaccines – it sounds almost like a building crescendo or drum roll to me. The first notes started when South Africa introduced rotavirus vaccine in 2009, next came Morocco in 2010, and since July 17, 2011, Sudan has been immunizing its children against rotavirus.

[News & Event] Vaccines against major childhood diseases to reach 37 more countries

GAVI Alliance, September 2011

The GAVI Alliance today announced it will provide funding for 16 more developing countries to introduce rotavirus vaccines and 18 more countries to introduce pneumococcal vaccines -- a major step towards protecting children against severe diarrhoea and pneumonia -- the two leading child killers.

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[News & Event] Worldwide Child Mortality from Rotavirus Remains High

Rotaflash, October 2011

Findings from a study published in the Lancet show that child mortality from rotavirus remains high. Tragically, approximately 95% of rotavirus deaths occurred in countries that are eligible to receive GAVI-support to introduce rotavirus vaccines.

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[Blog post] There's a vaccine for that

Reposted with permission of PATH

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In 2003, vaccines against rotavirus were poised to reach the global market, but surprisingly few people knew the virus’ name, let alone that it was the leading cause of severe diarrheal disease. “We’ve never heard of it,” ministers of health would say when PATH staff members like Evan Simpson began meeting with them to spread the word about the virus and new vaccines against it.