[News & Event] Rotavirus vaccine shows early impact

6 Minutes, August 2009

"The first Australian evidence has emerged to show that rotavirus vaccine has resulted in a substantial reduction in rotavirus disease activity since routine infant immunisation began in July 2007."

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[News & Event] Watching Children's Health When Diarrhea, Dehydration Occur

The Jakarta Post, July 2009

The author of this article outlines the most frequent causes of diarrhea in developing countries, warning signs for parents of sick children, and the "dos and don'ts" of treatment options.

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[News & Event] Discovery of New Transmission Patterns May Help Prevent Rotavirus Epidemics

Science Daily, July 2009

"New vaccines have the potential to prevent or temper epidemics of the childhood diarrhea-causing disease rotavirus, protect the unvaccinated and raise the age at which the infection first appears in children, federal researchers report in a new study."

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[News & Event] Comprehensive Global Health Strategy

The Huffington Post, July 2009

"While memories of President Obama speech in Ghana promising a 'comprehensive, global health strategy' are fresh, we hope he, Ghanian President John Atta-Mills and other world leaders do not miss an opportunity to address the neglected disease that's one of the world's most pervasive killers of children worldwide -- childhood diarrheal disease," writes Richard Chin.

[News & Event] What Are We Worst at Covering?

New York Times, June 2009

The news media is worst at covering public health because it is "unglamorous and overwhelming," asserts Nicholas Kristof in his blog. He cites the WHO universal recommendation of the rotavirus vaccine as an example of an important topic deserving greater media attention.

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[News & Event] How Bill Gates caught the global health bug

Crosscut, June 2009

"It was when he read about rotavirus, a cause of widespread death of children from diarrhea. A decade later, Gates Foundation's efforts have brought about WHO approval of a rotavirus vaccine."

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[News & Event] NGOs Try Power in Numbers Approach in Call to Action against Diarrheal Disease

Center for Global Development, May 2009

Scott Kniaz, program coordinator on the Global Health Team at the Center for Global Development, discusses the comprehensive advocacy approach embodied in the recently launched Call to Action against diarrheal disease: “Understanding that the causes and effects of this disease are widespread, its civil society supporters must also be drawn from many corners.”

[News & Event] Diarrheal disease: the long-ignored killer of millions

IPIU, May 2009

Shanely Knox highlights the preventable nature of diarrheal disease and makes a case for simple solutions that deserve more attention, using stories from the field and input from experts.

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[News & Event] Sanitation vs. vaccination in cholera control

IRIN, May 2009

International Vaccine Institute director John Clemens argues for a coordinated effort against diarrheal diseases. “It is a false dichotomy to pit sanitation against vaccination,” he asserts. “Progressively, people are thinking about how water sanitation and vaccinations can work together.”

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[News & Event] The possibility of a pandemic and the reality of diseases that kill

The Huffington Post, May 2009

Author Richard Chin advocates for action against diarrheal disease--the second leading cause of death in children--and urges readers to join the fight against this "senseless killer."

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