Voice of America, June 2014

At the second anniversary of USAID's Child Survival Call to Action, USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah announced a repositioning of investments and partnerships to save an additional 500,000 child lives between now and the end of 2015.

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RotaFlash, May 2014

To commemorate African Immunization Week (a regional subset of the WHO sponsored World Immunization Week), the Repblic of the Congo, Angola, and Madagascar rolled our rotavirus vaccines to protect children from the deadliest form of diarrhea.

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The Hindu, April 2014

This op-ed from a leading Indian newspaper highlights India's breakthrough development of a safe and efficacious rotavirus vaccine and its potential to sharply reduce child deaths and hospitalizations through introduction into the national immunization program.

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(For more information on the recent study, published in the Lancet, which found this vaccine to be efficacious and safe, please view our ROTAVAC results summary.)

RotaFlash, April 2014

Cameroon and Sierra Leone are the 21st and 22nd GAVI-eligible countries and 15th and 16th countries in Africa to welcome rotavirus vaccines into their national immunization programs, protecting children from the deadliest form of diarrhea.

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Huffington Post, March 2014

In a candid interview, former first daughter Chelsea Clinton shares about her passion for spreading the word about childhood diarrhea and the importance of safe drinking water.

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Huffington Post, March 2014

"Along with the global effort to scale up zinc and oral rehydration salts (ORS) in the treatment of diarrhoea, we need effective training materials for health care professionals to introduce them to how effective zinc is for the treatment of diarrhea. Once they feel comfortable with this treatment, integrating it as part their practice and feel confident recommending it, more families will use it and more lives will be saved." The article by Micronutrient Initiative discusses an innovative web portal and social marketing strategy.

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BioSpectrum, February 2014

Diarrhea kills 100,000 children in India each year. Simple measures and an integrated approach could change this.

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Huffington Post, February 2014

Micronutrient Initiative's Marion Roche describes why rotavirus vaccine is an essential tool for tackling diarrheal disease through the lens of families in Guatemala.

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NPR, February 2014

New data published by UNICEF highlights different areas of progress in global child health, including better access to medicine, food, and sanitation.

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RotaFlash, January 2014

Special supplement to the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal describes the critical role of monitoring disease burden and vaccine impact in Africa and worldwide.

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