Voice of America, April 2011

"This week, people around the world are taking action to put an end to deaths from these preventable and treatable diseases in children and adults. The World Health Organization (WHO) is partnering with 170 of its 193 member countries to vaccinate people around the world and to spread awareness about the importance of vaccinations."

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Business Standard, April 2011

Infant deaths from diarrheal disease have simple and effective solutions, but sadly, these treatments are not reaching the children who need them most. Figures from India, where diarrhea is responsible for 23% of child deaths, show that rural areas have the lowest ORS distribution rates.

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Treehugger, March 2011

A team of eleven climbers began a week long summit of Tanzania's Mt Kilimanjaro, in an effort to raise nearly $75,000 for The Water School, an international non-profit dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to the developing world.

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Voice of America, March 2011

More than a million young children die each year from diarrhea, even though there's no secret about how to prevent or treat it. Now, public health experts have developed a new report showing that the vast majority of those deaths could be prevented using currently available strategies, some costing only pennies.

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To commemorate World Water Day 2011 and sustain momentum for water and sanitation, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and World Bank President Robert Zoellick signed of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the US Government and World Bank. They were joined by Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and The Coca-Cola Company, who made new commitments to solve the global safe drinking water and sanitation.

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ONE Campaign, March 2011

Dr. Mathuram Santosham, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, and Dr. Ciro A. de Quardos, Sabin Vaccine Institute, have teamed up to form ROTA: the Rotavirus Organization of Technical Allies. This group of experts "will focus on demonstrating to decision makers and donors alike the need for rotavirus prevention as well as the proven safety and efficacy of rotavirus vaccines as part of a comprehensive effort to protect children from deadly diarrhea."

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The Huffington Post, February 2011

Dr. Orin Levine, Executive Director of the International Vaccine Access Center at Johns Hopkins University, highlights an "uncommon reward" in a field that requires patience and persistence. "So what's different about this year, and why am I excited about my work right now? This year marks the first time ever that children in the world's poorest countries will have access to the same pneumonia vaccines as children in the USA, and on the same timeline."

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Reuters, February 2011

A new report shows that research and development (R &D) funding for neglected diseases has increased, including funding for diarrhea, which is up to more than 5%. The report urges the continuation of more and better targeted funding.

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BBC News, February 2011

This week, the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh, will launch a major clinical trial to evaluate an affordable cholera vaccine and the feasibility of rolling it out nationwide to potentially save thousands of lives.

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GOOD, February 2011

"We are calling for ideas and projects that will raise awareness about this issue. We want you to submit your best idea for convincing people in your life—your friends, neighbors, family members—that vaccines matter and for getting vaccines to every child in the world, particularly in developing countries. We are looking for creative ways of spreading the word—from a video to educate your neighbors about the need for vaccines in developing countries to a product concept for improving the delivery of vaccines around the world. The sky is the limit. Start thinking about it now."

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