allAfrica, October 2011

On October 15, countries all around the world celebrated Global Handwashing Day. In Kenya, the public health and sanitation minister highlighted diarrheal disease while participating at a PATH-sponsored Global Handwashing Day event.

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GAVI Alliance, September 2011

The GAVI Alliance today announced it will provide funding for 16 more developing countries to introduce rotavirus vaccines and 18 more countries to introduce pneumococcal vaccines -- a major step towards protecting children against severe diarrhoea and pneumonia -- the two leading child killers.

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Rotaflash, September 2011

Growing proof continues to mount in favor of rotavirus vaccines. A study by the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention published shows that in the three years following the introduction of rotavirus vaccines, 65,000 hospitalizations of US children under 5 years of age for diarrhea-related illness were averted, resulting in an incredible $278 million saved in associated treatment costs.

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CBC News, August 2011

Vaccinating infants against rotavirus can also prevent serious diseases in unvaccinated older children and adults, a new study in The Journal of Infectious Diseases says.

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BBC News, August 2011

New research recorded in the British Medical Journal shows that giving vitamin A supplements to children under the age of five in developing countries could save 600,000 lives a year.

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Washington Post, August 2011

How is American aid helping Liberia? In this op-ed, Liberian President and WaterAid goodwill ambassador highlights the importance of water and sanitation -- and the generosity of the American people.

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Blog 4 Global Health, August 2011

Dr. Amani Abdelmoniem Mustafa, manager of the Expanded Programme on Immunization for Sudan, gives a first hand account of the first child to receive a rotavirus vaccine in Sudan.

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The Economist, July 2011

Many low-resource countries suffer routine outbreaks of cholera and other diarrheal diseases that could be overcome by increased access to clean water and sanitation -- but only innovation will spur a solution.

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Huffington Post, July 2011

A new blog post from Ambassador Jan Eliasson, Chair of WaterAid in Sweden and former President of the UN General Assembly, on the role of water and sanitation in peacebuilding in Liberia.

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, July 2011

At the AfricaSan3 Conference in Kigali, Rwanda, the Gates Foundation announced their new sanitation strategy. With a focus on new and innovative approaches to "reinvent the toilet," the foundation seeks to promote simple, affordable, and sustainable sanitation systems in low income countries where traditional flush toilets are impractical.

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